The beginning

I recently visited San Francisco to attend GDC and it was a very enlightening experience for me. I got a few portfolio reviews and while it was overall very positive, I realize there are some things I need to change. I felt like I needed more content in my portfolio so some of what I posted was not up to my standards. Quality is better than quantity, but it took having some industry professionals tell me this for it to really sink in.

However, I don't want it to appear that I am not working on anything or ever improving so I am moving my least impressive work to this side and I will start showing my progress and process as I go. 

First up is the living room. It is my first full environment using Unreal Engine 4, so that in itself poses a challenge. Most of the critiques I have gotten have been about the ceiling not making sense and the materials on the mantle and stove not reading properly. Fixing those things will be where I start and then I will probably move on to improving the lighting and adding some smaller props to give more life to the room.